7 keys to Handling Peer Pressure.


7keys to Handling Peer Pressure.

Peer Pressure is one of the backbones that determines your success or failure in life.

In my research so far on success secret treasures; I’ve discovered that, handling pressures around you is a vital edge to being successful in life.

I am David E. Nwaeze, and here are my Seven (7) vital keys to handling peer pressure.



  1. Define Your Goal in Life.

A goal is something you can achieve with time, it is measurable and achievable. Having a goal in  life is very essential and requires you writing them down regularly. Do not store them in your mind because you will forget it with time.

If you must be successful in life, you must define your goals and have them written down…..

When you do not have a definite life goal, your peers and environment will definitely define one for you.



  1. Make friends with people that are higher than you in terms of knowledge and Maturity.

You need friends and mentors who are on the same mission with you. Make friends with people who are better, smarter, and more matured than you; this is because, their life will mold yours to being better faster with time.

You cannot overcome Peer pressure

                Within the peer Environment”

                                     −David E. Nwaeze 



  1. Be born again and Know the Holyspirit Personally.

Christ Jesus is the very best personally and treasure you will ever have in life and eternity. When you are in Christ, you will definitely develop the ability to resist or refuse evil. This is because your old sinful life was exchange on the cross with Jesus’ righteous and holy life.

Being born again is Allowing Jesus to speak with your mouth, see with your eyes, care with your hands, walk with your legs, and connect with people in your environment.

Congratulations if you have received Christ Jesus in your life;  you are a new Creation…



  1. Know Your Mentors and get to flow with them.

I’ve said this before, you must have a mentor; Your Mentors are definitely higher and probably older than you; so therefore, when you flow with them, it becomes easier for you to overcome peer pressure.

Mentorship can be direct or indirect; you can be mentored through books and tapes also. One more thing you need to know about having a mentor is this: HAVE MORE MENTORS IN YOUR LIFE!!!


  1. Take a bold Godly decision about SEX and stick with it.

Deciding not to decide is still a Decision”

 So many young people have refused to make some certain life decisions and they tend to push everything to God.

Your decisions are not meant for your heart only, you’ve got to speak it aloud to yourself every day; this is because, your words are powerful and they have greater influence over your taught.



  1. Develop a Leadership Mindset.

One of the strongest reasons why peer pressure is affecting young people so much is because they do not see themselves as important person’s/personality in the society . When you see yourself as a leader, you will develop that strong confidence to decide the flow of peer pressure towards you.  You must renew your mind through book, tapes, learning from leaders, etc.



  1. Decide your Reputation Principle.

Whether you call it ego or pride, Reputation is Reputation.

, This is your personal life discipline, adopted to project an image of Remarkable Respect.  When you decide your Reputation principle, you can never be affected by peer pressure.


In conclusion, your friends should be inspired by your lifestyle and want to be like you, NOT the other way round!!

Take care of your mind Today……

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