Microsoft Airband Grant Initiative 2018

Microsoft Airband Grant


Are you a small business owner and seeks to expand your Internet access? then this program is for you. Hurry now and apply for the Microsoft Airband Grant Initiative 2018, eligible persons will be granted considerations for this program.

Grant Description:

Internet connectivity is an increasingly critical part of accessing a better education, jobs and health care, and in participating in the 21st century economy. Yet, with more than half of the world’s population lacking internet connectivity, often in rural and other underserved communities, there is still a long road ahead of us.


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Grantees receive cash investments, access to technology, business development support, mentoring and great networking opportunities.

Eligible Countries:



  • Grant fund applicants must be early stage internet and energy startups.
  • Applicants must be commercial organizations with at least two full-time employees, have a prototype of a working solution and have preferably paying customers.
  • These solutions ideally combine new cloud services and applications, low-cost forms of internet connectivity, and new payment mechanisms designed for consumers and smaller businesses in underserved markets.


How to Apply: Applications may be submitted through midnight Jan. 31, 2018 U.S. Pacific Standard Time.

Application Deadline: 31st January 2018

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