STUDY ABROAD : Top 2 Countries International Students Can Work While Studying

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Top 2 Countries International Students Can Work While Studying.


Many students chose to take up part time jobs while they are studying abroad. However there are countries that’s extremely difficult to find job as a student and these countries include; Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Belarus, Cyprus, Philippines etc.

 So if you intend to study in any of these countries, ensure that you prepare yourself financially. There are also countries you can find part time jobs, that’s enough to take care of your living expenses and tuition fees as well. These countries include; USA, Australia, Canada, UK etc. So if you are preparing to study in any of these countries, you may not really have to worry much about money for your living expenses as you will be able to get part time jobs there. Today, we want to look at top two countries international students can work and study.


When compared to other counties in the list, the Australian government has bendable norms for International students who are coming to work and learn. International students in Australia are allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight during their academic sessions, and unlimited hours during breaks and vacations. There is also no restriction for postgraduate research students, or students working for a philanthropic and unpaid work if registered as part of the course. The average hourly wage for jobs in Australia range from $15 to $30.


The Canadian Government has the best possible study infrastructure as well as the employment opportunities compared to any other countries in the world. International students studying at a public university, a community college, or technical school are authorized to confer degrees and allowed to work on the campus of the institution they are attending without any work permit. Students are also given the provision to work for the institution itself, or for a private business located on the campus. The country has also eased out the Off-Campus Work Permit Programme, and international students can work part-time during regular academic sessions for 20 hours a week and full-time during scheduled breaks, such as winter and summer holidays, and spring break. The average hourly wage for jobs in Canada range from $15 to $25.