Bachelors, Masters and PhD

The universities in Germany are now offering tuition free education. For students who are usually worried about the cost of living, about 600 Euros will be enough to cover expenses such as feeding, books, accommodation, and transportation among others. 

Germany has over 300 universities that offer various courses such as medicine, law, humanities, engineering and lots more. Courses are taught in German and English with all undergraduate courses taught in German and a few courses taught in English. All postgraduate studies are taught in English.



O’level results as well as transcripts with results stated

Birth certificate

A valid international passport

Sound health with a medical certificate confirming this


A degree and transcripts which show the course offered as well as well as the results obtained.

Birth certificate

A valid international passport

Sound health with a medical certificate confirming this

Reference letters from two people

A research work and or a written statement of purpose.

If all the documents are ready, the process continues with you searching for universities that offer the course you will like to sturdy by using the search engine which is a very useful tool.

Once you have been able to get a university that offers your chosen course, you go on their website and apply. If the option of applying online is not available then go through the website and ask for the application method to be used and this can be done by email or making a phone call.


German universities accept both online and paper applications. For paper applications you will be required to make copies as well as notarize all relevant documents and send them along with the downloaded application form to the university admission office.

The online application method involves opening an account on the website

of the university fill the forms and submit.

Universities usually like online application as it a much easier, better and less complicated way of applying.


Processing your visa is the next procedure to do after you have received an admission letter from your chosen university. You will go to the German embassy in your country and submit the letter along with other relevant required documents, after you will be given an interview date.

It is important to know that you will be required to open a German account with 8000 Euros before you are given a visa and you will be told on the way to do this at the embassy.