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Education has always been said to be the right of every individual,yet wonders are,as to why tuition fees are increased every year,this is  one amongst many reasons why students, passionate about studies and education from DEVELOPING COUNTRIES feel robbed of the opportunity to acquire quality and affordable education.Financial Constraints have been a big challenge and seems like a dream killer for most people and this have been understood by us. But Worry not!!!! you know why? There are Fully funded scholarships that are now available to enable students from DEVELOPING COUNTRIES achieve their academic dreams and soar to greater heights. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor, Catch the FULLY-FUNDED SCHOLARSHIPS winds in your sails, I encourage you to Explore. Dream. Discover,you never can tell what awaits you,see list below

Oxford University Fully-Funded Scholarships for Developing Countries in UK, 2018

Fully funded scholarships are been availed at the  Oxford University for students from developing countries for leadership program. This scholarship program have been tailored and designed to support exceptional students from developing and underdeveloped countries that are experiencing growth in their  economies,this is line with building competent human capacity in such countries and also….

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230 Fully-funded Commonwealth Shared Scholarships for Students from Developing Countries,2018

The Commonwealth Organisation in her continued effort to keep building and contributing to the growth and development of  developing countries are, through  Department for international development (dfid) is making available  over  200 scholarship opportunities to students from the Commonwealth Developing countries.
This scholarship program  is aimed at providing the opportunity for students from these countries to
benefit from graduate study at a University in the UK which will in  turn give them the necessary needed skills and knowledge to contribute and make strong impacts to their countries growth and development….

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10 fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students in 2018

In the pursuit of affordable and quality education across the world,students from Pakistan are not also left out as fully funded scholarships are also been availed for these students,owing to the existence of a very unstable political and economic situations where funding education has become almost an impossibility,these fully funded scholarship will go a long way to help Pakistani students further their education,even though its on the ground of merit as to   academic performance….

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