Top 8 Scholarship awarding bodies/organisations you Need To Know (READ AND SHARE)

Top 8 Scholarship awarding bodies/organisations you Need To Know

Did you know that every year, lots of scholarships are given out to assist international students pursue their education abroad? These scholarships are given by governments, NGO’s, individuals and organizations.

Most of these scholarships go back unclaimed because some students refuse to apply thinking that they cannot win such scholarships. But the truth is that anybody can get an award irrespective of his/her grade, race, gender or nationality. Scholarship committees look beyond these things, they tend to focus more on student’s scholarship essay or statement of purpose. I have written articles  on how to prepare scholarship winning essays or statement of purpose in my previous posts, so check the archives section of this blog or use the search bar above to search  for it.

I’m going to provide a list of scholarship awarding  bodies/organisations that give out lots of scholarships to international students. I will also provide the internet address so you can search for scholarships  and apply.


1.      Commonwealth scholarships

2.      Commonwealth scholarships

3.      Commonwealth scholarships

4.     German university scholarships

5.      Apex life scholarships

6.      The Barakat Trust Scholarships

7.      Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

 8.      PTDF Scholarships

As I said earlier, these organizations  give out dozens of awards yearly to students wishing to pursue their studies abroad. You can visit their individual website and get more information.